December 1, 2019

Our Projects

Projek Pemodenan Penerbitan Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia – Statsdigital

StatsDigital is one of the modernization project initiated by Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).

The initiative of StatsDigital started when DOSM discovered more than 3,000 historical publications failed to be traced anywhere. A collaboration with the National Archives of Malaysia (ANM) has been developed and DOSM managed to trace certain publications archived by the organization.

Hence, DOSM started to develop a digitization system using the latest technology to archive and preserve the publications. The system supported by 2 scanning machines and a few application softwares such as GIMP 2.0 for editing purposes and Nuance Power PDF for the data extraction purpose.

Projek Data Warehouse Fasa II

Statistics Data Warehouse (StatsDW) is an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) of the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). It stores historical data from as early as 1974 from various censuses and surveys conducted by the DOSM as well as compiled data for economic indicators. StatsDW enable fast and easy access to data stored (eg: time series data) and facilitate wider access for users according to user requirements and level of access permitted.

Training & Capacity Development For GLOW Project

Global Freelancer program by MDEC

Sistem Pengurusan Perkongsian Asset RTM